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Hello world!

Welcome to Spring_Bloom

This is my first post! Basically my reasoning for this blog is to perhaps write about my main  interest,…. The cultivation of  the best marijuana :) .  Ive been growing for a few years now and I have to say there really is nothing like smoking your own Bud!

Why take the risk?  Well just the beauty of knowing you havent been ripped off whilst smoking your draw is amusement and amusing enough. But knowing you can get another bit exactly the same and exactly as good as the bit youve just finished is …. well lets face it… it dosent get much better than that.

I remember the first time I was caught growing by the authorities. What was my reasoning for growing cannabis the judge presiding over my case had ask. To which I replied Im a propa ganjaman your honour and I smoke weed for the calming effect it has on me your honour,  I need a draw everyday your honour  but as im unemployed I cant afford dem extortionate street prices and to be honest your honour I dont like mixing with them drug dealing types afterall they are criminals and I’m not sure what it is they do with my money but would hate to think that my money was funding more crime in someway or another your honour! However Im guilty as charged and when I get home I will be setting straight back up so please may we save the taxpayers money? give me my fine and lets move on and convene at some other date in the future your honour? 300 quid fine …. have some of that!

Consider this… youve just smoke your last spliff and you need to find another score to buy your 1.8/2.0 and then you actually have to go and find someone to score that small bit of weed from.  You hope it will be a decent smoke and decent size. Youve tried a few places and you are at the stage where you dont really care you just want a draw? Eventually you find one, hand over your dollar and carefully  proceed to wrap up what will be another sub standard bit of  Dog Weed… Still you dont care ..its took time to find a draw, we’re talking long man! Anyways you skin up and light your doobie… you take your first toke and you kno what it aint that bad in fact you convince yourself its pretty good…

Then…. Woooooosh what da fuck is dat brv … raas manz smelling po and its propa peng! Someone like me has just walked by smoking da shit youve heard about but only ever got to smell…lol  manz blazing disgusting hehe pure filth… chances are youve just come across a grower!