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Strain Hunters – India Expedition

Recently got into watching The Strain Hunters Series – Really GOOD, totally recommend watching these to anyone with an active interest in cannabis! 🙂

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Growing in Soil

Growing in compost mixes

Growing plants in compost mixes under high output lights, has become a very popular way of growing, especially with the wide range of good organic products available. It’s simple, effective and although you may not quite reach the same yields as you would with a hydroponic system, the the quality is excellent.

Traditionally, to get a good usable compost mix you would mix a little soil (or earth) in with layers of manure or home made compost (from rotting vegetable/organic matter). This home made mix should be left for a
while before using to let the bacteria and micro-organisms have time to turn the manure or compost into usable feed for the plants. This takes time, so the longer you leave your home made mix (up to a few weeks is best) the more fertile it will be and the less feed you will need to add. Alternatively you can just buy a bag of  Bio-Bizz All-Mix, a specifically blended organic compost.
Structure of the mix is all important too, so in a good compost mix Perlite is added to improve drainage and oxygen content. This is very important in the demanding indoor environment where our pot mix must be able to deliver enough feed, moisture and oxygen without becoming too wet or compressed.

I recommend that you use approximately 30% Perlite and 20% worm castings or Coir/Fibre flakes in home made mixes to help with drainage, oxygenation and structure. Most good ‘Ready to Use’ mixes should already contain similar ingredients and percentages. You shouldn’t worry too much about your water pH and we don’t recommend pH adjustment of water for soil/compost plants. The nutrient availability pH range is much wider in an organic environment than in hydroponics and the introduction of acidic pH adjusting liquids is neither necessary or desirable. With 3 or 4 month cycle fruit and flowering crops,  just rooted or cuttings should be grown up a few inches in a small 13cm (4”) pot to build a nice root ball before transplanting the plant into a bigger pot which they will stay in until harvest.

When transplanting your plants into their final pot

– Slightly moisten your compost mix as this will reduce the chance of any root rot to roots damaged in transplant.

– Fill your new pot with somewhere between a quarter to one third full of your compost mix.

– Ease the plant gently out of its existing small pot.

– Submerge the root zone in some tepid, de-chlorinated tap water with some    added stress relievers or boosters. Popular boosters include Superthrive, Rhizotonic or Root Juice. Submerge the roots for a few seconds.

– Gently place the plant in the new pot and carefully fill in around the plant. Do NOT pack the compost down. Do NOT water the plant for at least 24 hours to prevent any rot to roots damaged in transplant.  In larger pots, try not to make the root zone too deep and add an extra 10% Perlite.

This will help maintain an unrestricted, well oxygenated, well drained root environment.

XP Desktop Wallpaper

XP Desktop Wallpaper

This is what happens, when I’m stoned and bored! 🙂

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May 2012 – Earth’s Strongest Strains

After implementing our new Cannabis Cup scoring system in April 2011 – which utilizes lab testing as part of the equation – and after four trial runs in cities around the world including San Francisco, Denver and Amsterdam, we figured we figured we had a pretty good hold on exactly which strains are the most potent on the planet.

In the May 2012 issue of HIGH TIMES Nico Escondido provides the list of the world’s strongest sativas, indicas and hybrids – HT certified and lab tested at more than 20% THC.

For the full list of the world’s strongest strains, pick up the May 2012 issue of HIGH TIMES – on newsstands now!

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Top 10 Marijuana Strains of all time

The best Marijuana strains of all time… although I feel the uk’s exodus cheese  should be on the list….

10. Strawberry Cough

Light and smooth taste with a subtle hint of strawberry. Good buzz with a medium body high. High has a medium duration.

9. Silver Haze

Very smooth taste with a hint of spice. A very intense body that can last the whole day

8. Blue Berry Kush

Very stick and pungent. Heavy body high with a medium duration that takes a minute to kick in. A Creeper.

7. Train Wreck

Sweet and tangy smell with pretty sticky nuggets. Quick and intense mental high.

6. Jack Herer

One of the most popular strains for medical use. A cross between Northern Light and Haze. Very potent strain with and intense body hand and a pretty long duration. Named after a legendary grower and activist.

5. AK — 47

Winner of the Best Sativa in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. Very popular with medical users for body pains. Great body high and very popular with growers cause of it’s easy cultivation.

4. Purple Haze

Very popular because of it’s intense mental high. Especially among artists. Jimmy Hendrix named a song after the strain and rapper Camron did the same for his 4th studio album.

3. Sour Diesel

Very fruity taste with gorgeous orange and crystallized nuggets. The high has a medium duration but it is very intense.

2. O. G. Kush

Very compact nuggets with a slight lemon taste. Extremely heavy body high with a medium duration. HARD HITTER.

1. White Widow

1995 Cannabis Cup Winner. One of the highest percentages of THC known. Beautiful very crystallized nuggets with a long, very intense mental and body high. A true legendary strain. A FAVORITE AMONG STONERS.

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Cops use helicopter and heat to detect marijuana grow operations in UK

New technology cops use a helicopter to spot marijuana grow rooms.. This is not F.L.I.R. because FLIR only works good at night. This new technology gives the cops the benefit of spotting grow ops during the daytime.. In America this is against the law, and cops need a warrant to “spy” on your house…

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