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Marijuana Nation – (DOCUMENTARY) FULL

The National Geographic Channel, covers the ongoing global battle over marijuana prohibition, its history, and the growing culture of cannabis use for recreational and medical purposes.

Reporter Lisa Ling visits Vancouver‘s Pot Block, as well as some secret and not-so-secret marijuana growing operations and other relevant pot spots.

Marc Emery, former publisher of Cannabis Culture and founder of the BC Marijuana Party, is shown at CCHQ (307 W. Hastings in Vancouver – see map) before his extradition to the US and imprisonment in a federal penitentiary. Emery was targeted by the US DEA for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund marijuana legalization groups.

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Comprehensive Marijuana Growing Guides



Full cannabis growing guide

Indoor cannabis Cultivation Guide
Closet Culture Guide
Indoor cannabis Cultivation
Simple Steps For Outdoor Cannabis Growers
Phases of the Moon for Cannabis Growing

Growing Cannabis Outdoors
Hydroponics 101
Why Go Hydroponic
Cannabis Hydroponics
Hydroponics Should Be Easy

Cannabis Hydroponic Systems
Cannabis Hydroponic Principles
Quick Cannabis Hydroponic Garden Set Up
Cannabis Plant Abuse

Female and Feminized Seed
Cannabis Nutrient Disorders

Nutrient and Deficiency Table
Troubleshooting Cannabis Health Problems
Ten Biggest Mistakes Cannabis Growers Make
History of Cannabis
Cannabis Cuttings
Cloning Cannabis
Germinating Cannabis
Choosing Cannabis Seeds
Rockwool The Book
Kale Cannabis Growing Guide
Cannabis Growing Guide

Advanced Growing Cannabis Guide
The Home Cannabis Creator

Cannabis Definitions for Growers
Cannabis Botany

Growing Haze
Lighting Types and Intensities
Grow Light Guide

PH and EC Meters
PH Facts
Cannabis THC
Transport and Logistics of the Cannabis Plant

Tips on Growing Good Cannabis Plants
Basics to Cannabis Planting
How To Build A Cannabis Grow Box
Cannabis Growing Tips

Preparing to Grow Cannabis
Cannabis Seeds Germination
Sexing Cannabis Plants
Cannabis Life Cycle
Cannabis Potency
How To Grow Cannabis – and Why

Guide To Growing Cannabis
Closet Cannabis Growing Guide
Complete Cannabis Closet Set Up

Pot Seeds
Growing Pot
Cannabis Grower’s Guide
Gorilla Growers Guide

Dutch Grow Room Visuals
How to Grow Cannabis
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